Today’s workout

With the kids still a little under the weather, I didn’t have a lot of time, so I did one of my favorite short workouts: DDR and kettlebell swing intervals.  After a brief warmup and stretch, I play 1 DDR song, then do 10 kettlebell swings immediately after it ends.  Then I rest just long enough to pick the next song (about 20-30 seconds).

I played DDR Extreme for PS2, which is a few years old but Walmart had it on sale for $10!  It has some really good songs: A Stupid Barber, Higher, B4U, V for Extreme (which I haven’t unlocked yet) and covers of Believe, Ladies Night, Bizarre Love Triangle and YMCA.  Kettlebell swings were done with my 12kg kettlebell.  I also have a T-handle which I made from instructions at – one of the best pieces of equipment I ever made.  I loaded it with 45# of plates and did a few suitcase deadlifts as a warmup.


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