MTM workout day

Today I did a workout from MTM, an ebook by Sarah Rippel of Outside The Box Training.  This program uses bands (I got a red one and black one from EliteFTS), a dowel (I use my 12# body bar) and something to step up on, so it’s ideal for outdoors – I can just grab my bands and bar and go!  My older daughter is in a “day camp” this week where they make movies, so I dropped her off at the school and did the workout in the ball field out back.

School yards are among my favorite places to work out.  Not only do they often have ball fields and tracks, the front is usually dotted with shady trees, hills and benches.  Do some warmup stretches under a tree, sprint up/walk down a hill a few times to get the blood pumping, step up on a bench or pull up on a tree branch to oil those joints, and you’re ready to go!

MTM has some fantastic band exercises for the core.  Here is one of them, a staggered contralateral band press, demonstrated by Sarah:

A lot more fun than crunches – and a lot more effective!


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  1. Wow, that looks like fun ^_^ I think I may have to go get myself a set of those now!

  2. Sue, you’re a rockstar! 😀 Thanks for the props & featuring my vid AND doin’ amazing PR for me! I owe you!

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