Helix: dances with robot

helixThis article reminded me of another overlooked active game for Wii, Helix.  Part of that lack of attention may be due to the fact that you can’t just run to Best Buy or click to Amazon to buy it; it’s a WiiWare game, meaning you can only download it if your Wii has an internet connection.  For $10 (payable either by credit card or Wii Points) Helix is a great buy for those who like to sweat to the beat.

Helix’s gameplay is elegantly simple: while holding two Wii remotes, you play a sort of  “follow the leader” with a nameless robotic stick figure.  While an electronic song plays, you punch, wave and gesture to the figure’s lead and the song’s beat, kind of like you’re directing traffic through a dance club while punching out an occasional drunk.  Fail, and the figure hangs its head in shame; pass and it jumps for joy, and maybe unlocks a new song.  Luckily, there are several difficulties for each song with “easy” being very simple and the harder levels being a real coordination test.

This is no puke-on-the-floor workout, but it makes a nice warmup for kettlebells or other upper-body workouts, or a fun morning or light-day routine.  Helix is like a simpler predecessor to We Cheer, which I really love, but I’ll save that for another review.


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