More videos of We Cheer 2

I’m practically counting down the weeks until the sequel to We Cheer comes out in November (14 weeks from Tuesday!) and there are now more preview videos up.  This clip shows more cheerleader-like choreography and less of the hip-hop dancy style that was on the first game:

The first We Cheer had a rather silly workout mode in which a fat boy begged for help losing weight, then after working out for 2 minutes with a pair of cheerleaders, the fat “burned” right off – just like real life, of course!  Well, Biggest Loser Jr. is back, and just like real life, he gained all the weight back, this time by eating too many hot dogs.  But it’s ok, the cheer girls are back to whip him into fighting shape.  (Check out his pal in the workout room, struggling on the treadmill – and is that a rack full of kettlebells??)


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