Wii Sports Resort is here

I mentioned the other day that Daisy Fuentes Pilates is the next fitness game to come down the pike – well, this sequel to Wii Sports is maybe half of a fitness game. Engadget has a review that includes this video walkthrough:

The swordfighting looks like it might burn some serious calories, depending on how badly you want to kill those eneMiis (hee hee) but most of the games look more like games than exercise.  I could’ve sworn I read someplace that Resort had a calorie-counter mode, but I can’t find any reference to that anywhere, so maybe I dreamt it.

In the original Wii Sports, the only game that really makes me sweat is the boxing training mode where you have to smash as many heavy bags as you can within a time limit.  My daughter always beats me at that game!  But for virtual boxing, I still prefer Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout because it uses 2 remotes instead of a remote plus a nunchuck.  Workout games should never use a nunchuck – it’s like working out while handcuffed.  Hear that, EA Sports?

Wii Sports Resort hits the streets today.  It’s $50 in a bundle that includes a Motion Plus accessory for your remote that is supposed to make it more sensitive (and works very well, by most accounts).


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