MTM workout day, and Wii DDR on sale

Today I did MTM again, after warming up with one-hand kettlebell swings and deadlifts with 40 pounds on my t-handle.  I’m up to doing one-minute work intervals on MTM with 30-second rests.

In gaming purse-strings news, DDR Hottest Party 2 game/mat bundle is on sale for $35 today at Amazon.  I have the first Hottest Party, and while it was great to see DDR come to the Wii, I was a little disappointed at the lack of doubles mode and training mode, as well as the confusing menus and really irritating anouncer.  I tried HP2 at a friend’s house, and they’ve improved some things, like adding a training mode, making this the DDR game to buy for Wii.

If you’re new to DDR, I would suggest you go right to the HP2 options menu and shut off the hands and gimmicks until you’ve gotten used to the footwork.  That’s another improvement they made to this edition; the game will save your preferences.  Now if the next Wii DDR, coming this fall, will add doubles, I’ll have happy feet 🙂


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  1. You are rockin’ MTM, Sue! You’re up to 1 min work? Schweet! 😀 yay! I am definitely going to be attempting HP2 with “no hands”, as the last time I tried it with hands, I completely bombed & gave up after 2 songs. I just got home from working with a high school volleyball team (which was awesome) and i’m thinking i’ll pour a glass of wine and pull out HP2! Will report back in the near future! 😀

    • arrowdynamicmom

      Hi! I’m supersetting the first 2 and last 2 exercises in each round, e.g. 1 minute of exercise 1, immediately followed by 1 minute of exercise 2, then a 30-second break and on to the next superset. That way it goes by faster and it’s intense! That’s wonderful that you’re encouraging teen girls. Wine and DDR, hmmm, that could be a tricky combo… 🙂

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