Your Shape for Wii comes into the picture

Coming in November, this fitness game features a new gadget for the Wii: a camera.  After taking your picture, the game then uses that information to design a customized program.

The gimmick, er concept, is similar to the Eye Toy camera for PS2.  I had one of those, and I really wanted it to work well, especially after I bought Eye Toy Groove which was a dancing game featuring some great licensed songs.  But I found you need a LOT of light for it to work, and you can’t have anything moving in the background.  (I struggled with the menu, waving my arms like I was trying to hail a taxi a mile away, until I realized the ceiling fan was messing up the camera.)  Let’s hope that Your Shape works better than the Eye Toy, and that it doesn’t make snarky comments about your post-Thanksgiving pooch.


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  1. Oh wow!! Seriously, I am SO thankful you review all these games… I’d be the first one in line for this gimmick! Sounds like having your own personal trainer + calories burned tracker. Yet… the technology could not yet be there for this. Who actually works out in a white room with nothing else moving?! I’m curious to see if this one actually lives up to the promises in Nov.

    • arrowdynamicmom

      You’re welcome, Cath! Well, when I first heard about the Wii, I thought it sounded too good to be true, but it really does work as advertised (and pretty much revolutionized video games) so I’m very interested in seeing previews and reviews of Your Shape. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted!

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