Boogie SuperStar: Wii can dance

boogie superstarBoogie SuperStar is a fun little game that I picked up at Gamestop for only $9.  It lets you choose between karaoke and dancing, but I’m only interested in the dancing part (although my daughter loves the karaoke).

The setting is an American Idol-style show where your character performs for a panel of judges.  You can choose from several male and female characters and, as with most other tween-aimed games, change their clothing and hairdos like virtual paper dolls.  The songlist includes covers of modern party hits like “Hot and Cold”, “Pocketful of Sunshine”, “Makes Me Wonder” and “Toxic” – nothing really from My Generation, but most parents should recognize them from the sound system at Old Navy.  Pick a song and a stage, then strap on one remote and get ready to wow ’em with your moves.

Various icons will appear in front of your gyrating avatar to cue you in on what move to do, and you do them to the beat of a bouncing dot.  So many moves are available that a handy chart is packaged with the game to help remind you what icon goes with what motion; they start simple (hand rolls, pointing) and get more complicated with hair wipes, twisters and pretending you’re pumping up a tire.  To add to that, there are occasional bonus things tossed at you where you have to wildly shake the remote and then do a set of poses.  It can get a little jumbled sometimes, and I would suggest staying on the lower difficulty levels if you can, because on higher levels, you have to use the d-pad to move your dancer around the stage which has nothing to do with your workout.

The graphics are very colorful and fluid, and loading times aren’t too bad.  While this isn’t strictly part of the fitness genre, and is very girly, I can still get a bit of a sweat from it, on about the same intensity level as Helix and slightly below We Cheer.  I would call this a “We Cheer Lite” – if that game had you flinging your remotes in frustration, Boogie SuperStar may be more your speed and more fun.


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