Active Life Extreme Challenge will hit the streets this week

active life extreme challengeA new Wii exergame is coming this Tuesday, August 11, that I feel pretty confident in recommending (almost) sight-unseen.  Active Life Extreme Challenge is a sequel to last year’s Active Life Outdoor Challenge, which is an assortment of “outdoorsy” games – running, jump rope, speed skating, kayaking and much more – played on an eight-button pad that can be used by one or two players.  Outdoor Challenge can give quite a cardio workout, and is easy enough for the whole family to play.

The sequel, Extreme Challenge, uses the same pad for games with more of a youth, “street” appeal, such as skateboarding, BMX, rock climbing and leaping off buildings.  (Hey, if everybody jumped off a building…)  The following three videos show a very good walkthrough of the various games; they’re a lot like the Outdoor Challenge games with new clothing and attitude, but there are some mental challenges thrown in, such as on the third video where you do skateboarding tricks by playing a Simon-like game.

Unfortunately, this game is only being sold in a bundle with the Active Life pad.  That’s fine if you don’t already have Outdoor Challenge, but I do, and I don’t need a second pad!  I also have no idea if this game will have an exercise mode like the first one has.  But from what I can see, it looks like this will be as terrific and intense as the first game was for kids of all ages.


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