Wii climb higher

Looks like the Wii reaches new heights this week:  as Active Life Extreme Challenge, which includes a rock-climbing game, gets released, Rock n’ Roll Climber kinda clambered out of nowhere with little fanfare on Wii’s downloadable-games channel.

The main difference between the two virtual climbers is that Rock n’ Roll Climber uses the Wii Fit balance board (optional) plus the remote-nunchuck combination to send your mountaineer upward, while Active Life Extreme Challenge’s climber moves as you step on a pattern of arrows on its floor mat.

IGN has a review of Rock n’ Roll Climber here, where they call it “surprisingly fun” and “a pretty decent workout”.  I would think that stepping on a mat might raise the heart rate more than shifting about on a balance board.  But Rock n’ Roll Climber is an affordable $8, and doesn’t come with any mat to add to your game controller clutter.


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