Today’s workout: We Cheer for kettlebells

It’s still hot and humid outside, so I mixed one of my favorite Wii games, We Cheer, with rounds of kettlebell swings.  After warming up with a couple of songs (like joint mobility work to music!) I alternated one We Cheer song with a set of swings with my 12kg kettlebell, as follows: song, 50 swings, song, 40 swings, song, 30 swings, song, 20 swings, song, 10 swings, song.  As a finisher, I practiced doing sets of windmills with my 12# body bar, did a few kettlebell snatches for the heck of it, and played more We Cheer until I was worn out and dripping.

If you want to do We Cheer/kettlebell circuits, and I just know you’re dying to, here are some tips:

  • You can do the swings right before or right after the song, and take your rest while flipping through all those in-between and loading screens.  I prefer right before; once the song ends, I A-B past everything, choose a song, then stop where the cheerleader shows you how to hold the remotes.  Then I can swing without any annoying music in the background, then hit A and go right to the song.
  • I don’t strap on my remotes, so I can drop them quickly and grab my kettlebell.  Besides, not strapping them on will help you strengthen your iron grip 🙂
  • Do songs that have you getting down and up off the floor, like “Eye of the Tiger” and “If You’re Gonna Jump”.  And of course, do as many jumps and twirls as you can!

I know…this post needs a video.  I’m going to try shooting some video once the kids are back in school and I don’t have to worry about cameras being knocked over by flying objects or bodies.


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