Keep the workout in the game, and the game in the workout

I’m sitting on the deck on a lazy Sunday summer evening, digesting a grilled burger (on a charcoal grill, not gas) and grilled corn on the cob (just lay them naked on the grill – butter optional – couldn’t be easier), listening to buzzing bugs and watching shadows grow longer and thinking about…video games.

What should a good fitness game include? I think it should include the following:

  • A workout mode that includes calories or some sort of exertion rating (a step counter, like in DDR Ultramix 2, is very nice); a calendar log that goes back at least a month; how long you worked out; score or level achieved
  • Ability to create your own workout course, such as the courses in the PS2 DDR games or Active Life Outdoor Challenge, and ability to save at least one course
  • Difficulty levels from beginner to advanced
  • Good gameplay and high score saving, preferably with your name (competition, either with yourself or others, is one of the best motivators!)
  • Good music (especially popular hits) and graphics
  • Simple to learn but difficult to master – DDR is one of the best examples of difficult simplicity

What we DONT need:

  • Long loading times
  • Celebs on ego trips
  • Exercise advice for complete morons (I don’t have to be reminded to breathe, thanks)
  • A “story”.  A lot of gamers think a backstory is essential for any video game, but us oldsters were perfectly content to shoot down monotone space invaders without needing to know what planet they came from and what each of their names and ranks were and their five-year mission statement.  I guess the DDR quest/mission modes are enough to satisfy the story lovers, but I always thought they were silly.
  • And on the Wii, the nunchuk.  Don’t tie us down!

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