Back to school odds and ends

The kids have gone back to school, which means being more relaxed and having more stuff to worry about simultaneously.  Right now I am having fun with my new toy, a Flip MinoHD camcorder.  The price was right: free!  I got it from Amazon’s Vine program, which sends various products for frequent reviewers to test and review.  After months of testing out things like fabric softener and vitamin drinks, finally I’ve gotten an electronic goodie.  I used the Flip yesterday to shoot a video of a cute stray cat that has been hanging around our deck and befriending my daughter:

The software included with the Flip makes it a breeze to edit and add music.  I’ll have to shoot some workout videos soon so I can get my form ripped apart critiqued.

In exergaming news, two exergame blockbusters have announced sequels.  Wii Fit Plus, the follow-up to Wii Fit, is going to be released October 4 (Sunday must be Good Luck Day for Nintendo; Wii Sports Resort and the white box itself were both launched on Sundays).  WFP, which adds several new activities and workout-course-creating ability to the original game, will sell by itself for $20 or in a balance board bundle for $100.  And EA Sports Active has announced that its sequel, More Workouts, will come out on November 17.  Active already allows creating courses, but warmups and cooldowns will be added, along with more ab work.


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  1. Cute vid, Sue!
    That’s awesome that you got the Flip for zippy $dinero$! Nice! I’m still playing around with the one I got for “the day who’s name shall not be repeated” ( ala H. Potter)…they’re terrific!

  2. Hi Fred! I’ve been using the Flip a lot all weekend – I’m surprised how well it works indoors, in low light. Of course the other birthday (oops!) gift you got was priceless; you’ll treasure that long after the Flip is obsolete.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting; I was starting to think I’m talking to myself, plus a few Jillian Michaels fans. Mentioning Jillian Michaels is a great way to get hits. So I’ll have to blog about Jillian Michaels more often. Happy Labor Day to you and Jillian Michaels! 🙂

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