The most awesome Wii workout for when no one is listening

karaoke-rev-partyOne of the most fun and most physically-intense Wii games isn’t a “Wii” game at all.   Karaoke Revolution Party was made for Wii’s predecessor, the Gamecube, but all Gamecube games are Wii-compatible, according to Nintendo.

KRP is your standard karaoke game loaded with both contemporary hits and classic crowd-pleasers like “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” and “American Woman”.  What makes this a workout, however, is the song-and-dance mode.  Plug in a Dance Dance Revolution pad, and while you’re singing, arrows scroll across the screen for you to match with your feet.  That may sound simple, but keeping your pitch and your feet in sync add up to one heck of a workout for your legs, lungs, brain and all the rest of the body for that matter.  After only three or four songs, I’m sweating, panting and giggling my rear end off!

Now as anyone who’s ever been trapped in a bar on karaoke night can attest, 99% of wannabe singers can’t sing worth a darn, and I readily admit to being part of that mass.  Thus, the only time I work out with KRP song-and-dance is when the house is empty.  So far so good; no neighbors have called the cops and paint hasn’t started peeling in the basement yet.

Because the Gamecube is a “dead” platform, KRP is out of print, so you’ll have to find a used copy.  And in addition to the game, you need a Gamecube mic because the USB mic normally used with Wii isn’t compatible, and you also need a Gamecube memory card if you want to save any unlocked stuff or high scores.  I got all that stuff used for less than $20 in a game store; the GC mic looks and feels more Playskool than Logitech, but it works fine and cost $2.

Karaoke Revolution Party is also available for PS2 and the classic Xbox, so you don’t even need a Wii to sing, dance and giggle your way to fitness.


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