New DDR boxart and (MARVELOUS!) song list

ddr-x2While browsing around Amazon today, I noticed that the packaging for the upcoming new Dance Dance Revolution games are now posted, and the Wii and PS2 games actually have titles now.  The Wii game is called, not surprisingly, Hottest Party 3, while the PS2 game is called X2 (last year’s was DDR X, to commemorate the series’ 10th year).

The PS2 will also be 10 next year, but this grand old console just won’t die, and I am looking forward to X2 more than HP3.  Price is one huge factor in these times:  the X2 bundle is about $30 less than HP3; it looks as if the games aren’t being sold separately yet.  More importantly for me, HP3 still doesn’t have doubles (I could be wrong, but I don’t see any mention of it) and I am a devoted doubles player. They do add balance board support for the hordes of Wii Fitters.

But what really sold me on X2 was the song list, as shown in the following video:

[Update: the video has been taken down.  Here is the song list]

It looks like some sort of work-in-progress mock-up full of misspellings, but if it’s authentic, songs like Detroit Rock City, Let’s Get It Started, Enjoy The Silence and Praise You (please please include the video!) more than make up for Hungry Like The Wolf and anything by Jordin Sparks.


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  1. About half that song list actually interests me…Why Jordin Sparks? Why Juanes? -_-

  2. It seems like this year’s music games, like We Cheer 2, are being overrun by the Disney Channel/American Idol crowd. Perhaps their fans are the ones with all the money these days. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey, is selling the game-only versions here:

    And here:

    By the way, a new HP3 trailer was released recently. Check it out here:

    The songs played are the Konami Originals “THIS NIGHT” by jun feat. Sonnet and “A Brighter Day” by NAOKI feat. Aliesha G.

    There’s an X2 trailer too, it plays “A Geisha’s Dream” by NAOKI feat. and “A Brighter Day” by NAOKI feat. Aliesha G.

  4. Oh, by the way, that video you posted is just someone’s mock-up of the songlist. Although it does have the real songs, it’s not an official video by Konami :).

    • Pie-kun, thanks, that’s good to know that the games are available separately. The last thing I need is yet another DDR pad!

      I’m glad to see the same songs used on all platforms. The Wii was getting shortchanged on music. I hope to eventually see some of the great songs from the Ultramix series (like Skulk and Starmine) show up on Wii.

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