Jillian sells out again

jillian 2010This past Saturday morning, I tuned in to QVC to see TV trainer Jillian Michaels demonstrate her upcoming Wii game, Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2010.  The 2009 version got terrible reviews, but I was still curious what this new one was like.  You can watch the demo from the show here (click on the Videos tab).  It looks like a knockoff of EA Sports Active; the graphics look much less ugly than 2009, but I would still urge people to wait for reviews.

What followed the Wii demonstration, though, would have been hilarious if it wasn’t a ton of injuries waiting to happen.  Remember Jillian’s kettlebell clip from The Biggest Loser, with the horrendous form?  Well, her motto seems to be “those who can’t, teach” – she is now selling her very own kettlebell (actually a so-called “Powerbell” made of stacked plates) and instructional DVD.  Now you too can have Jillian send you to the hospital without ever setting foot on the BL ranch.

Watch the clip from QVC here.  Even with my limited kettlebell knowledge, even I know that you do not “squat and lift” to do a swing.  And it gets even worse.  I’ll let a pro go into the details – Sandy Sommer, a local RKC who gave me a terrific lesson a couple months ago, wrote a blog post on the Jillian kettlebell fiasco that even includes a video on how to do a swing the right way.

Not surprisingly, Jillian sold out; 1000 kettlebell kits at $120 apiece flew out of QVC in minutes.  So pretty soon a thousand people are going to think Jillian the Expert in All Things Fitness is showing them the “right” way to swing and snatch, and when their backs and shoulders start killing them, they’ll tell their doctor and PT and everyone they know to stay away from kettlebells.

Like Sandy, I don’t like to call people out either, and I really didn’t want this to be the Jillian-bashing blog, but this is an instance where actual certified (RKC, IKFF, AOS, et al) kettlebell trainers need to speak up.  “Any exercise is better than nothing” may apply for a bad Wii game or ballet-dancing with a 4# weight, but not when you’re bunny-hopping while flinging a 20# weight directly overhead with a limp wrist.

Popular video trainers Denise Austin and Kathy Smith also have kettlebell or kettlebell-styled DVDs coming soon.  Please, ladies, learn how to do it right before hopping on this bandwagon.


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  1. Great thoughts Sue. It is a real shame when you have such a large following of devotees that Jillian Michaels chooses to take the low road. I and a number of others have offered to teach her but have received no response. It’s a shame.

    • Sandy, thanks for commenting and thanks for your post. Yes, I forgot to mention that you and several other top RKC instructors offered to train her the right way after seeing her on BL last year. Jillian’s fit, she’s got personality – she could pass the RKC and become a real kettlebell ambassador if she tried. With this and the diet pills, she’s headed in the wrong direction.

  2. Awesome. I still have to do my blog post and link it back to Sandy.

    I however have no problem calling people out, and asking them to their face if the really believe some of the crap they push.

    • Hi Chris! I look forward to seeing your blog post. If she can dish it out, she ought to be able to take it 🙂 I’m not so concerned about her, as I am about her hordes of fans. They’re mainly middle-aged women like me who need to strength train, and learn to do it RIGHT.

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