Shop your workout room!

Yesterday I did another MTM workout at the park.  As part of my warmup, I did Turkish getups using a 12-pound body bar – another great idea I got from MTM’s Sarah Rippel.  Normally this core-strengthening exercise is done with kettlebells, but really they can be done with any weight, or even no weight at all.

Windmills and side presses can also be done with a body bar in addition to kettlebells.  I had gotten the body bar on sale some years ago and it had been collecting dust in my workout room until Sarah gave me those great ideas; now it is one of my most-used pieces of equipment.

Instead of shopping for new fitness gadgets that I can’t afford, I’ve been “shopping” my workout room and brainstorming new ways to use old stuff.

thighmasterGot a Thighmaster?  Here are some ways to exercise with it that I bet Suzanne Somers never thought of:

  • Do lateral jumps over it for 1 minute
  • Take it outside, throw it as far as you can, and sprint to retrieve it.  Repeat 20 times.
  • Throw it as far up into a tree as you can, and climb up to get it
  • Hang it over a tree branch, and do some pull-ups from it

Just some Friday fun 🙂 but seriously, look around your workout room and see if you can bring your old gadgets back to life.


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