Kettlebells and Beyonce

Kettlebells: For yesterday’s workout, I combined kettlebells with DDR.  After warming up some We Cheer-like moves to music and 10 turkish getups on each side with my 13# bell, I alternated 8 songs on DDR Extreme2 with 8 sets of 15 swings.

One of my favorite licenses on DDR is “Crazy In Love”, which brings us to…

Beyonce: A few days ago I read in this interview with Beyonce, which came up in a Google News search on Wii news:

I’m interested in a lot of different things. I’d like to get involved in videogames since I really love Wii Fit. I think it would be a great idea to incorporate choreography because for me my workout is way more fun when it involves dancing as opposed to running on a boring treadmill. So I would love to do some kind of fitness game but incorporate dance and performance into it. I think a lot of women would enjoy that.

As a result of that one quote, there are now articles online trumpeting that Beyonce is coming out with a fitness video game.  I would love to dance to “Single Ladies” while waving Wiimotes, but let’s not jump the gun here…


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