The new DDRs are out!

ddr hottestparty3Two new additions to the DDR franchise, Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 for Wii and Dance Dance Revolution X2 for PS2, were released this past Tuesday.  I’m still looking around for reviews; for HP3, one DDR novice posted a positive review on Amazon and the buzz on GameFAQs has been pretty good.

The balance board mode for HP3 seems to be working well by all accounts.  I still haven’t heard anything about doubles or workout mode for either game.  Maybe I’ll see if I can test either game out at a store.  So far they are only being retailed in bundles.

Update:  Here’s a good, thorough review of HP3 on Diehard GameFan.  The reviewer raves, but also points out that selling the game only in an expensive pad/game bundle, punishes the fans who already have pads from 1 and 2.  Come on, Konami – at least give us doubles mode (or triples or quad) so we have a reason for all that plastic.


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  1. Really like this game but haven’t figure out how to do continuous music. I like the workout but just when my heart rate goes up, the song is over. I don’t want to rest inbetween. Any sugguestions? Thanks.

    • Hi Tammy! I don’t have Hottest Party 3 (I’m waiting for the game to be sold separately) but I don’t think they have programmable courses (where you can program several songs to play continuously with no breaks). At least that was the case with the first Hottest Party. The PS2 games let you program courses as well as play endless mode where songs just play randomly for as long as you want, which is a nice feature for working out.

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