We Cheer 2 workout mode: the panda burned HOW many calories??

Namco released a last-minute teaser about We Cheer 2, due out this Tuesday: the workout mode has a special guest, a panda from their popular Tekken fighting game series.

A few hardcore gamers are crying sacrilege, but here’s what’s really bogus:  that “calorie counter” in the lower right corner.  Watch it soar to 2030 calories!  Now unless you play We Cheer for about, oh, 8 hours straight, there’s no way you’re going to burn that much even if you’re a Biggest Loser-sized panda.

Most calorie-counting devices are ballpark estimates at best, with the counters on some gym equipment being way off.  The DDR workout modes for PS2 and Xbox count calories based on a person’s weight and number of steps, and the result is surprisingly close to my heart rate monitor which counts calories based on my heart rate, weight and age.  But on We Cheer, they simply relabel your score as “calories” when you’re in workout mode, resulting in absurd four-digit results.  I was hoping this would be fixed for We Cheer 2, but it doesn’t look like it.

I know, this isn’t Wii Fit and they’re not claiming to be fitness experts.  But honestly I’d rather see no calorie counter at all than something that might fool someone into thinking they can Wii-cheer off an entire day’s intake in five minutes.


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  1. I thought it was in Calories not kCal which is what we usually count, meaning the panda has burned off almost 1 ‘cal.’

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