Cheers for the little successes

we cheer 2We Cheer 2, out today, is still on its way to me, but I have a couple of things to cheer about anyway.  Recently I wrote about taking two-minute fitness breaks throughout the day, which I have been doing, and I’m happy to report that I’ve lost just under 5 pounds since I started 🙂  I’m not a big scale junkie, but I weigh myself maybe once every 1-2 weeks, and lately I’ve noticed my pants getting looser.  So I guess these mini-workouts were just the thing to give my aging metabolism a jolt.  Woohoo!!

I’ve also been getting my butt in gear, literally.  Someone on another forum I frequent mentioned this article on T-Nation called How Strong Are Your Glutes, Really? It contains two exercises, straight-leg and bent-leg glute extensions, designed to test your glute muscle activation.  I passed both tests, but just barely, so I’ve been doing 15-20 reps of each exercise as a warmup prior to my first set of kettlebell swings.  In only a few days, there has been some real improvement in my swinging!  My back used to give out after about 50 reps, but now I can go 60 or 70 reps.  Activating my glutes has made SUCH a difference – almost like uncovering a hidden fuel tank.  Yeah!!

I love how making little changes like these can produce real results.  By the time We Cheer 2 hits my doorstep, I’ll be able to tackle those tuck jumps with renewed spirit and a lighter load.  Cheers!!


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