Count your calories while playing Wii tennis

wii tennis racketWiimote-holders shaped like tennis rackets aren’t new, but this model, coming next week, isn’t just another dumb piece of plastic.  According to the description on Amazon:

With the smart racket from CTA digital you can enjoy those Wii tennis video games while measuring your fitness level all in one accessory. This tennis racket contains a small built in LED display that displays the amount of calories burned, overall distance of swings (in either kilometers/miles per hour) and how many swings have been taken in your session. Just connect your Wii Remote (with or without a Wii Motion Plus adapter) into the cradle of the base handle and you’re set! This intelligent and comfortable tennis racket will not only aid you in dominating virtual tennis tournaments but also help track your path to fitness success!

All that for only $18!  Personally I think it would be more fun to play a few sets of tennis while flinging the Wiiwaa or even the Wii Baby.  With your imagination, exergaming knows no bounds!


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