Exercise should be a skill, not a weight-loss pill

Right now I’m participating in a November 200-swing challenge on a fitness forum, where you do 200 kettlebell swings per day all month.  I’ve missed a couple of days due to a fall chest cold, but otherwise, I’ve taken this opportunity to bone up on the kettlebell technique I learned last summer.  I’d also like to get better at one-handed swinging, and as luck would have it, the guys at Jersey Kettlebell just put up a great video on one-handed swings (I can’t embed it for some reason).

Now that I know how to do them right, I can’t believe how easy and fun one-handed swinging is.  It’s so cool to learn something new and even cooler to get better at it with practice 🙂

And what do you get when you subtract the work from your workout, and add fun?  Any kid can tell you: it’s called PLAY!  Sadly, too many folks view the joy of movement as a form of punishment and purgatory.  They’re trying to transform into a bikini babe, an action hero, or warrior physique.  Or the gym is “cardio confessional” where (after fighting for a parking spot closest to the door) you try to cleanse away last night’s cheeseburger with the most boring, tedious exercises you can think of.

Instead of flogging your sinful self or chasing some Hollywood mirage (created by drugs, nicotine, surgeons, starvation and Photoshop), use your workout time to actually achieve something.  Do a pull-up, a set of pushups on your toes, a Turkish get-up, run as far as you can in 15 minutes or pass a DDR song on Expert.  Whatever it is, if you can’t do it yet, then work on doing it.  Then do a victory dance when you’re done!  It’ll seem more like play than work, and you’ll end up with a healthy habit and a feeling of achievement that no scale can give you.


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  1. Great post Sue! I love people that stuff themselves with food and alcohol all weekend, then hit the gym Monday morning to do a ton boring cardio to “work it off”. I think once you have a good goal (like doing a chin up), you start actually having fun exercising, you challenge yourself, and really great things start to happen.

    The swing challenge sounds fun. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Hi Julie, how’s it going? That’s so true what you said about performance-based goals. Not only are they more realistic than worrying about your appearance, they help you live your life better no matter what you look like 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and have a great holiday!

  2. It’s going well Sue. I’m at the tail end of New Rules of Lifting for Women and I’m excited that I can actually do chin ups! I think the physical goals are important (like running a 7 minute mile or doing 50 push ups), and everything else is just GRAVY! 🙂 Speaking of gravy, I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Sue, Really nice thing when you push your self with chalenges like that , but dont forced your self a lot .. use light Weight.
    Goold Luck

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