Hits and misses in newest exergame crop

The last console exergame “harvest” of the year came out in the past couple of weeks, with EA Sports Active: More Workouts, Tony Hawk Ride, Just Dance, and Your Shape. Out of those, More Workouts is getting the most praise, with eight 5-star reviews at Amazon and even several glowing reviews from the tough crowd in the gaming press.  Just Dance, a shake-your-Wiimotes dance game, got a couple of favorable reviews on Amazon as well, although the professional gamers have yet to notice it.

Tony Hawk Ride, with its skateboard controller, was the only game to have Xbox 360 and PS3 versions in addition to Wii.  The Wii and PS3 versions got some poor reviews, but interestingly enough, several Amazon reviewers liked the 360 game very much.  Maybe some Xbox owners are starting to have an appetite for casual and fitness games.

Your Shape, the Wii fitness game featuring a camera peripheral, is not faring so well at Amazon.  A couple of buyers say it is just like My Fitness Coach, also made by Ubisoft, but with a camera tacked on.  They’re saying that if you already have My Fitness Coach (which got very good reviews) don’t bother with Your Shape.

Lastly, the ultimate challenge is finding a review of Ultimate Party Challenge, the DDR-mat Wii game that’s been out for nearly a month now.  Does it actually exist?  What if they gave a party and no one came?  Doesn’t anyone want to risk $30, or is everyone really waiting on reviews now?


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