Exergaming with your cell phone

My cell phone is one of those cheap pay-as-you-go models that only does one thing: make phone calls. (And I think it has about $200 worth of minutes built up in it, since I keep forgetting to take it with me!) So if I write about cell phone technology, I may sound like a Martian who just landed and is utterly fascinated by a traffic signal. Please pardon my ignorance…

The new Sony Ericsson Yari phone has all the usual bells and whistles that today’s phones have, but it also combines the motion-sensing ability of the Wiimote, Your Shape and Eye Toy.  It doesn’t seem to be available stateside, but reviews are popping up on foreign websites.  This review from a site in India describes a fitness game and tennis game that sense your hand or body motions with a built-in camera, and a bowling game where you swing the phone like a Wiimote.

Other sites are saying that a boxing game is available for the phone.  I can’t find any good gameplay videos, but here’s a video of (allegedly) a demonstration of the phone’s ability:

I know I’ve felt that way before in restaurants and classrooms; with the Yari, now I can score points for a one-two punch.


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