Eureka! An actual review of Ultimate Party Challenge

This DDR-dance-pad-controlled collection of minigames for Wii came out last year, but there were no reviews to be found anywhere (not even at Amazon) and I couldn’t even find it in a store.  But now there is a review, on Game Vortex.

Overall (drum roll)… it’s a collection of minigames you play with a DDR dance pad.  I never expected it to be a world-beater, but I was curious if it has the whole-family fun and exercise factor of, say, Active Life Outdoor Challenge, or even if it’s just active fun like Rayman Raving Rabbids or Wario Ware Smooth Moves.
Game Vortex seems less than excited, giving the game a rating of 50% which I suppose equals an F.  One thing they point out is that four players have to gather around one pad, with an arrow assigned to each.  That makes it hard for everyone to see the TV, the poor player who gets assigned to the up arrow is sure to be tripping over the control box and cord, and you might want to hand out breath mints and maybe some body powder if players have to be so up close and personal.
As for any “exergaming” features, the review says that the game tells you how many calories you burned at the end.  Without any age or weight input, that’s going to be a huge ballpark estimate at best, and anyway a step counter might be more useful for the pedometer people.
Ultimate Party Challenge may be on a bargain-bin track, but it’s good to see more games that make use of the DDR pad in various ways.  Another floor pad game, Walk It Out, is coming next week, and this being January and it being more fitness-oriented, it is sure to get a lot more attention from the game reviewers.

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