Walk It Out for Wii hits the pavement today

After several delays, the walking game Walk It Out has now been released. Details are still sparse, but they do have a Facebook page with some screen shots.

Another rather unlikely place to dig up some info is in the discussion forum on its Amazon product page (scroll down to where it says Customer Discussions). A user named jadepearli seems to know a few things about the game. According to her, you can use either the nunchuck/Wiimote combo (put the nunchuck in your pocket), the balance board, or the DDR pad to do your virtual walking.  The game also lets you vary your pace by walking on beat or on half time or double time (you get points for staying on beat) and it keeps a record of number of steps, distance walked, and calories burned.  If it’s like the DDR games, it will calculate your calories using a formula derived from your  weight and steps – not dead-on accurate (these things never are) but pretty close.

Nothing against balance boards, but I think the mat-style controller is the best, most tried-and-true way to get a cardio workout out of the Wii, as well as bone-building impact.  So I’m glad to see Konami branching out into more games for its DDR mat besides DDR.  Walk It Out may sound pedestrian, but I hope it works well and becomes a sleeper hit like Just Dance.


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  1. Any rumors of a new version of Walk It Out?

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