Pokemon DS pedometer is confirmed

Last fall, I wrote that two upcoming Pokemon games for Nintendo DS, HeartGold and SoulSilver, included a pocket pedometer that counts steps and powers up the game the more a player walks around.  The full descriptions of the games are now posted at Amazon, and they will be released in March.

Another DS game that rewards you for walking around, at least in a heavily-populated area, is Treasure World.  This game detects wi-fi signals using the DS’s wireless internet capability, and those signals unlock “treasures” within the game that you can then share and trade with other players online.  I never really got into these trading games, but they’re huge on Facebook, and my daughter got hooked on the Wii trading game Animal Crossing when we rented it for just one day.  So with games like Treasure World and the Pokemon pedometer games, who knows, your kids might actually beg you to take them for a walk, which will do the whole family some good.


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