Real exergaming success stories

Many self-proclaimed experts like to dismiss exergaming as “not real exercise” or “better than nothing at all”, but increasing numbers of real people are proving that to be nonsense.  Pre-Wii, Dance Dance Revolution was one of the first exergames to perk up the eyes and ears of mainstream media around 2005 or so, when arrow stompers serendipitously discovered pounds melting off at near-infomercial speed.  (I was one of them – I lost nearly 60 pounds in less than a year.)  This 2004 article from USA Today tells of some of the young people who lost as much as 100 pounds playing DDR, and here’s a Today Show segment where two DDR “losers” demonstrate the game (DDRMAX2 for PS2) followed by a dance-off between hosts Matt Lauer and Ann Curry:

What They Play, a site that looks at video games from a parent’s and family point of view, began a series of exergaming success stories this month called “The Weight Loss Game”.  One woman lost an incredible 90 pounds playing My Fitness Coach on Wii, and two more women lost 75 pounds and 33 pounds respectively playing Wii Fit and EA Sports Active.

Fitness is about more than just weight loss, of course, and some of the people above who lost more than just points while gaming, used their new strength and confidence to do things like run a 5K, go rock climbing or start support sites for other exergamers.  Congrats to all of you!


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