Muscle March on WiiWare posing as a fitness game

A zany new game called Muscle March popped up on Wii’s downloadable games channel this week.  In Muscle March, a gang of musclebound, Speedo-wearing bodybuilders (plus a bear, and a woman named Brenda who mistakenly lifted something over 10 pounds) chase a brazen thief who stole their jar of protein powder.  As the thief breaks through walls, the bodybuilders (that is, you the player) must “pose” in the shape of the hole, similar to the short-lived game show Hole In The Wall that my kids and I enjoyed watching.  I’m not making this up!  See for yourself:

I’d say this is the most bizarre exergame I’ve ever seen, except that this is not really an exergame unless you count giggling till your abs ache.  To pose, you simply point your remote and nunchuck up or down, and some reviewers are saying the controllers don’t work very well.  But it’s only 5 dollars in Wii points – geez, I’ve spent more than that on movies that made me laugh a whole lot less.  Even the game’s official web site is a takeoff on the fitness infomercials that are bombarding the TV this time of year.

(Muscle March comes from Namco Bandai, the same company responsible for the Active Life series of mat games for Wii.  Wouldn’t it have been great if this game made use of the Active Life mat, making you run on the mat to chase the bad guys?)


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  1. Yes, it would be nice if it used the Active Life pads, or if anything else did. I bought Active Life thinking it was the first in a series, but alas…

    Looks like a funny game, though! 🙂

    • Hi! I think I know you from somewhere 😉 You do know there are 2 Active Life games, Outdoor Challenge and Extreme Challenge? I only have Outdoor, but Extreme looks like it would be fun for kids and teens (it’s also available separately, without a pad). Apparently Walk It Out can also be made to work with the Active Life pad. I gotta buy me 200 more Wii points so I can get Muscle March. Thanks for commenting!

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