EA Sports Active 2.0 will finally put Wii exergaming online

A few weeks ago, I whined noted that Wii fitness games are missing one essential piece: online support.  Well, someone at EA Sports was listening!  This week, they announced that the next installment in the smash hit exergaming franchise EA Sports Active, working-titled 2.0 (even that is a better title than More Workouts) will be online.  Bravo to EA – you even beat Wii Fit to the punch!

2.0 will be available for Wii, PS3, iPhone and iPod Touch (they’re not saying a definite yes or no to Xbox 360) and will come with its own motion sensor and a heart rate monitor that fits on the wrist instead of the chest.  Joystiq has an interview with an EAS representative who describes the new gadgets and program.  He says periodization will be introduced into the program: you’ll do 3-week segments that progress you to the next level, making this more of a long-term workout program.


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  1. Nice post! I’m actually meeting the EA Active Sports guys in a few minutes here at the Game Developers Conf. in San Francisco so will talk to him more about this.

  2. This is exciting! I might have to try EA Sports. To me, Wii Fit is fun but I’m questioning it’s capability as a quality workout tool…

  3. Thanks for your comments! Combining online support with more “gamelike” play (think Wii Sports, Walk It Out, etc.) and different levels of difficulty is what Wii exergames need, IMO.

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