Walk It Out record screens

One great thing about Walk It Out is its thorough record keeping.  From the game itself, you can go into a menu and select a submenu called Records to see how many days you’ve played, steps you’ve stepped, and calories you’ve burned, and compare those numbers with other players.  6 player profiles can be stored, and there’s also a guest mode which is handy for demonstrating the game to friends.

The Calendar screen will show you exactly which days you’ve played.  A rainbow indicates that you collected all 7 rainbow spheres that day, which usually entails walking all over the map.

Calendar screen

On the Status screen, which is shown at the end of each session (or you can pull it up in the middle of a session), you can see your BMI (calculated from when you entered your height and weight to create the profile), calories burned (calculated from your number of steps), steps, distance walked and time played.

Status screen

The Graph screen lets you compare how you did with the other players.  Your steps, distance or calories are shown with yellow bars, and the colored lines are for each other player who has a profile.

Graph screen

In addition to these, there are ranking screens that list players in order of most steps, most rainbows, etc.  So if you have several walkers in the household, you can engage in a little friendly competition that will result in everyone being a winner in the exercise game.


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