Just Dance sequel, Dance On Broadway, is coming soon

A sequel to the runaway hit (2 million sold and counting) Wii dance game Just Dance has been announced – sort of.  I noticed a page on Amazon for Dance On Broadway by Ubisoft, coming in June, and eagerly hit the search engines for more details.  All I could find was a description on the ESRB site, the folks who rate video games for us parents.  The game police gave Dance On Broadway an E10 rating, which for music games usually translates as “Fun for the whole family, but look out, some lyrics may be suggestive of activities that contribute to MAKING a family!”

The ESRB warns that some of the dancer outfits may show a shocking glimpse of stocking (on Broadway? who knew) and gives examples of lyrics heard on the game:

Song lyrics contain lines such as “Look at my a*s, look at my thighs, I’m cat nip to the guys” and “She wasn’t what you’d call a blushing flower . . . As a matter of fact she rented by the hour.”

Whoa, who could be purveying such filth?  Britney?  Avril?  Nope, the first line is from the musical remake of Legally Blonde (here, cleaned up for the Today show – wonder if they’re promoting a movie called Kick-Butt?) and the second line goes back even further, to the decades-old high school musical staple Cabaret.

Parents, hide the kids!  Or tell them Liza is singing about her friend who owned a U-Haul.

Anyway, I still love Just Dance, and I’m looking forward to more details about  Dance On Broadway.  Since Ubisoft is clearly aiming this sequel at My Generation (or maybe even our parents), let’s hope it includes a workout mode to help us jiggle off our middle-aged middles.


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  1. I am looking forward to seeing the
    Just Dance sequel.

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