Row, row, row your Wii

More Wii fitness gadgets are on the way.  Amazon is now listing a rowing machine in which you insert a Wiimote.  Looks like a good workout, but I don’t know what games you would use it with.  There are rowing games in Wii Sports Resort, Active Life Outdoor Challenge and Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, but all of them use a paddling motion from side to side rather than back and forth.  Attaching your remote to an actual paddle might be a better way to add resistance if you really have to.

Another add-on, this one for the balance board, is a wobble board attachment.  So when you play We Ski or Shaun White, you can wipe out for real, or you can practice your balance while just watching TV.


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  1. These both look very interesting Sue, thanks for posting about them! ‘Course, I’m a gadget junkie, lol. The wobble board looks like it could be fun – and I hope they come out with some rowing games for that rowing attachment. I would try to rig up something to use my actual rowing machine with the Wii then, heh. 😀

    • Hi Sara, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I too would be more interested in the wobble board, and if you already have a rower (I’m jealous!) just rubber-band your Wiimote to the handlebars and you’ll be in business, I would think 🙂

  2. LOL, yep, I think you’re right – rubber bands (or velcro straps or something?) to attach to the rower handle should work fine. Now to wait for rowing games…though I suppose I oughta try Walk It Out with the treadmill one of these days, too! 😆

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