So you think you can Dance Dance Revolution?

All you DDR freaks who felt left out of the Just Dance video contest, weep no more – there’s a contest for you, too!  Konami just announced their very own dancin’ star search; here are the details (you may want to turn down your volume if bosses or sleeping babies are near).

The DDR video contest has more of a health and fitness angle than the Just Dance contest (yay!).  They are asking for a “fitness video”, using selected songs from the Hottest Party series, that “will be judged on creativity, skill, originality, and integration of fitness related items.”  Hmmm, kettlebell presses while dancing??  Prizes include a gym membership, a Wii or a Hottest Party 3 bundle, I presume with six-pack girl on the box.

I am MUCH more tempted by this contest than the Just Dance one, and it’s great to see Konami playing up the fitness benefits of DDR.  It certainly did a lot for my fitness, and after 5 years, I still love it as much as ever.


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