Ready for Wii family fitness with…Brooke Burke?

JumpStart, known for educational software for young children (my kids enjoy their art and learning programs for PC), has announced a family-oriented Wii fitness game, JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness.  The game is coming in June, and there’s a trailer:

JumpStart mentions that the game’s star, Brooke Burke, is a Dancing with the Stars veteran, but they don’t mention that before she was a star to be danced with, she doffed her duds for Playboy and several men’s magazines, and was a Frederick’s of Hollywood model (I’m trusting Wikipedia on that).  Brooke isn’t the first Playboy model to branch out into exergaming – Jenny McCarthy put her name and image on Your Shape in the US, but that game was marketed to grownups.  Hopefully your kids won’t become so enamored with Miss Brooke that they Google her, or they’ll get quite an eyeful.

But back to the game – there aren’t many details, but it looks like it’s balance-board compatible, and while I can’t tell if it uses Motion Plus, it looks very similar to Wii Fit or Wii Sports Resort.  I like how it adds “fantasy” touches to games like basketball or volleyball; check out the shark opponent for instance.


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