West Virginia DDR kids keep on mashing those mats

West Virginia schools have embraced DDR for fun and fitness since 2004, and now the first statewide DDR competition is under way, as reported by the Charleston Gazette.  10,000 students across the state are competing for a trophy and a $2,500 scholarship.  No word yet on whether any colleges are providing DDR scholarships, but we can only hope!

More PE instructors are warming up to DDR and other video  games for fitness.  From the article:

Childhood obesity in West Virginia is a growing problem, and the dynamic of how people exercise is also changing, said Becky Myers, physical education instructor at Capital High.

“We have to look at promoting physical education in a whole different way,” Myers said.

The challenge is to get students interested in and excited about exercising and healthy habits, Myers said. DDR is one tool that “gets them off the couch and moving,” she said.

The use of DDR in schools also gets away from the “jock aspect” — the idea that students have to be athletes to be active and healthy, she said.

Some students are not basketball or baseball stars, but they’ll get into DDR, realize how much fun it is and how well they play, she said.

This former “PE dropout” can totally relate to being left out of the jock world, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see exergames leading the way to a greater view of exercise: it’s not all about winning is the only thing, or punishing off the pounds, but rather about being active and healthy and having FUN.


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