Uncle Sam wants DDR to get Navy into ship shape

With DDR torching fat off moms and kids across the nation, the Navy is interested in turning its boot camps into boot-stomping camps!  According to the Navy Times, the tech-savvy Navy Surgeon General Vice Admiral Adam Robinson wants to incorporate exergames like DDR and Wii Fit into physical training programs for recruits, for much the same reason they are being used in schools:  because recruits aren’t as physically fit as they used to be, in large part because of all the time they spend in front of computers.  So giving them something they enjoy, a “gateway” activity, will build their endurance and strength to tackle more traditional exercises.  (Maybe the Wii rowing machine can be put to good use here.)

The article notes that many female recruits are suffering bone fractures, due to not being used to running or even standing for long periods.  DDR is just the ticket for that, with all its high-impact jumping and running.  Playing doubles will help develop amazing flexibility and agility as well.

I salute the Navy from my dance pad for their forward thinking!  If they want to save Uncle Sam a few dollars and buy games off the shelf, may I suggest DDRMAX2 for PS2 which contains a remix of, what else, “In The Navy”.


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  1. Very impressive article. Thanks for sharing it to us.

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