Dance, dance, dance – yowza, yowza, yowza

So many dance games were announced in just the past 3 days, I can hardly see straight anymore.  There’s even a new DDR in there somewhere.  Let’s see where we’re at…

First there are the two dance games that will launch along with the Xbox Kinect add-on in November, Dance Central and Dance Masters.  DC is from the maker of Rock Band and DM is from the maker of DDR.  DC appears to follow the Just Dance model (why mess with success?) where you dance along with scrolling cues and score according to how well you keep up with the beat.  The game will track your calories burned, and promises pop hits from the likes of Lady Gaga, No Doubt and Bell Biv Devoe.

Dance Masters looks more like a cross between Eye Toy Groove and We Cheer.  This game actually puts you up on the screen as a backup dancer, and you follow a green silhouette and occasionally trace lines with your arms a la We Cheer.  DM is going to have a DDR/Walk It Out-ish soundtrack, as in Japanese pop, original instrumentals and maybe some licenses if we’re lucky.

DC is already up on Amazon, for a steep $60.  Like Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band, the consumer’s choice may come down to the music.  Here’s a hand’s-on with video of Dance Central, and here’s the same for Dance Masters; I’m leaning toward the latter, unless a new We Cheer comes out.

Just Dance 2 was also announced, to no one’s surprise.  The sequel appears to be more of the same, with 40 songs and a new Just Sweat mode.  It’s going to stay on Wii only – that’s a relief!  Ubisoft also sprang a surprise that had been rumored for the past year:  they are working on a Michael Jackson dance/karaoke game for all platforms, including the PS3.  The PS3 announcement of their Wiimote-like Move controllers was kind of anticlimactic after Kinect, but they too will have a dance game, SingStar Dance.

Finally, lost in much of the excitement was an announcement of another DDR game for Wii.  No word on if it will be Hottest Party 4, or if it will have doubles.


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