Your Shape exergame gives it another go on Kinect

When Your Shape came out for the Wii, it looked very promising, or at least different from other Wii fitness games:  it came with its own camera, allowing for controller-free play nearly a year before Kinect was announced.  But the game bundle’s price soon fell from $70 to around $20 on Amazon.  Some possible reasons for the flop:  the high price during lean times, the game not working very well, hostess Jenny McCarthy’s questionable medical advice, or (probably the biggest one IMO) the fact that most at-home exercisers just don’t want to see themselves on TV.

So the game is evolving as Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, this time for the Xbox360 Kinect accessory, although the $60 price for the game alone is nearly as much as the Wii bundle’s original price.  I’m not that interested in workout-centered games, preferring to play fun games that just happen to make me sweat, but I think this new Your Shape looks really good, and seems to address the stumbling blocks of its predecessor.

First off, no Jenny or any other celeb host who could bring unwanted baggage.  Instead, there’s an actual trainer, Michael George, best known to some workout DVD fans for his Beachbody Fast 10 series.  And instead of working out to yourself, which is kind of creepy, you’re represented on the TV by a faceless silhouette.  There looks to be a lot more variety and fun activities than the Wii game, and online support, something Wii fitness games were sorely lacking.

Here’s a preview and video walkthrough of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.  Since it’s supposed to be one of Kinect’s 15 launch games, expect it in November.


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