10 Minute Solution reviews are less than hot

Ever since the Jillian Michaels 2009 fiasco, my advice has been to wait for reviews before buying a video game, unless it’s from a tried-and-true series that you know you’re going to like (it’s pretty much a given that I’ll buy anything We Cheer, and a lot of folks are looking forward to the next Walk It Out).  Games usually aren’t cheap – even a “bargain” 20 bucks is a lot compared to most DVDs and books – and often aren’t returnable.

But I do salute the people who are willing to stick their necks and wallets out to give the rest of us an early warning.  Such is the case, unfortunately, with 10 Minute Solution for Wii.  This game was released 2 weeks ago, and since it licenses a workout video series that is popular in retail stores and familiar with many home exercisers, I thought there would be reviews, either by consumers on Amazon, or on those other lucky blogs that get these games for free.  (Hint hint nudge nudge!)

Instead, days of complete silence went by, which is never a good sign.  Finally a few reviews trickled onto Amazon, and sure enough, people were disappointed.  They cited that the moves were slow, music was bad, controllers were unresponsive, and they just didn’t get that great of a workout.

This DVD has more punch for your bucks

Outside of Amazon, Sara of My Basement Gym wrote a very detailed review of 10 Minute Solution.  She describes all the different activities, and concludes by saying there are much better choices available, such as Golds Gym Cardio Workout, EA Sports Active, and EA Sports Active More Workouts.  According to Sara, even the DVD on which this game was based, 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body Kit which comes with weighted gloves, is a better workout buy than the Wii game.  It goes to show, sometimes no interactivity is better than bad interactivity.


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