Kidz Bop Dance Party: copy of a Japanese Wii dance game?

I saw that Amazon now has a trailer for the upcoming Kidz Bop Dance Party, and besides its gameplay resemblance to the We Cheer series, I thought it looked very much like a We Cheer-like game that was released only in Japan, Happy Dance Collection.  HDC came out at about the same time as the first We Cheer, but it featured Japanese pop songs and used only one Wiimote.  It wasn’t so much dancing, as the sort of star posing that pop idols often do on stage.

Here’s a screenshot of Kidz Bop, courtesy of Amazon:

And a video of Happy Dance Collection:

A bit of a resemblance?  (There’s also this cute video of a family playing HDC.)  The game is now out of print, but I recall that it got some good reviews from dance-game fans, so now I’m more interested in Kidz Bop than I was before.


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  1. I noticed this! They copied happy dance collection exactly! I own it and kidz bop copies it. how cheap and low! I am mad they thought nobody would know because its a japanese game, but I do!

    • Well, it may be the closest we get to having We Cheer 3 (which we probably would have heard of by now if there was going to be one), so I’ll take it.

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