New look at upcoming Gold’s Gym Dance Workout

My head is still spinning from all the upcoming dance games, not to mention new hardware like Kinect and PS3 Move.  I wish I had enough money to buy them all, but when Amazon lowered the preorder price for Gold’s Gym Dance Workout to $30, I bit.  Hey, I could use a little pick-me-up for the dog days of August, as well as a free wrist band for my kettlebell workouts.

A new video has been posted that shows the Gold’s Dance gameplay:

I’m not really familiar with “Wii workout” games such as EA Sports Active or Wii Fit – the closest thing I have to a traditional workout on Wii, is Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout – but this game really resembles an exercise video, more so than Just Dance or We Cheer, with an “instructor” giving verbal cues that are also captioned on the screen.  I hope there’s an option to shut off his voice, since I’ve gotten used to just following along to Wii dance games without having to be cued.


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  1. Thanks, Sue.

    Laurel is the “face” of Exercise TV on Facebook. Surprisingly, she hasn’t mentioned this as any of her workouts on FB (no, I am not surprised, really).
    This is really interesting. I can’t decide if this makes me want it, or not want it. Much more “dance” than I expected, of that makes any sense.
    May hold off on jumping for this.

    • Hi Renda! Laurel is certainly excited about this game, isn’t she? 🙂 I had the opposite reaction – this looks more “workout-y” than I was expecting, but I’m still looking forward to it, especially if the music is good. I didn’t recognize that song at all, but I’ll enjoy working out to Jai Ho or Smooth.

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