Dance Masters trailer: gotta get up to get down

There is now a trailer for the upcoming Dance Masters game for Xbox 360 Kinect:

Since not much gameplay is shown, here is an actual demo of the game, from the E3 trade show:

Unlike Dance Central where you have to match scrolling poses, similar to Just Dance, Dance Masters is more like DDR with your entire body, where you hit the “targets” at the right time.  I especially like the kneeling move toward the end; I like dance routines (such as We Cheer or hip-hop dance) that have floor moves.  So many people have trouble simply getting up from a seated or lying position as they get older, especially without use of their arms.

Interesting how Dance Masters is a “working title”.  They may want to change it to avoid confusion with Dance Central.  Might as well make it a part of the well-entrenched DDR franchise, like calling it “Dance Dance Revolution 3D.”

The catchy music in the background of the trailer is a remix of Brilliant2U, a DDR classic that’s been included in many of their games.  My favorite version is Orchestra Groove, which I played on a machine over the weekend (and I didn’t look anything like these guys).  Speaking of machines, I need to write a post about DDR arcade machines.  Go out and find a machine!


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