Your Shape for Kinect now has Men’s Health/Women’s Health tie-in

And in other breaking box art news, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for Kinect now has a blurb that says “Featuring Workouts Created By Men’s Health and Women’s Health”.  I can’t find any other details, but that’s great news, certainly better than their former alliance with Jenny McCarthy.

The fitness magazines Men’s Health and Women’s Health promote whole-body exercising that focuses on your movements rather than separate muscles.  They’ve come out with two “Big Book of Exercises” volumes, one for men and one for women, but with very little difference between the two outside of marketing and photos.  I got the Women’s Health Big Book out of the library, and it’s now on my wish list to own.  Despite the title, it’s a relatively compact paperback book that’s crammed with exercises plus numerous programs for using them, whether you work out at home or in the gym.

WH also greatly emphasizes the benefits of heavy weights for women; no more pink 1-pound dumbbells, unless you do YTWLs or shadow boxing with them.  One of the advantages of Kinect over Wii is that you can hold weights without having a handheld controller get in the way.  So I hope that some of the WH or MH workouts on Your Shape include heavy weights.  If there’s a virtual kettlebell trainer on board, or a virtual deadlifting coach, I am so there.


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  1. Sounds great! We are always looking for exergame options that can fit into a “wellness gaming” program for all ages. Check our blog at

  2. Kinect will be great, there’s many people too shy to go into a gym. It will help those get in shape at home

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