PS3 Move controller arrives this week

A lot of the “what’s new in home gaming” buzz is about Kinect, the Xbox 360 camera that is supposed to challenge Wii for the casual, active-gaming market that I’m a part of.  But there’s also a motion controller in the offing for Playstation 3, called simply Move, and it’s due to be released this Friday, while Kinect isn’t coming till November.

Move is like a hybrid of Kinect’s camera and Wii’s remote-nunchuck combo.  You need (in addition to the PS3 console) a camera called Playstation Eye, a $50 wand controller with a lighted ball on one end, and a $30 second controller that has a joystick and buttons, like a wireless Wii nunchuck.  There’s also a $100 starter bundle that contains the light-up controller, the camera and a game called Sports Champions (but not the joystick controller or the console).

Got that?  I think this is going to suffer from the same one-from-column-A-one-from-column-B confusion that Xbox360 is afflicted with.  When the Wii came out, there was just one flavor of Wii in one box.  It came with a remote, a nunchuck, and Wii Sports – everything you needed to plug into your TV and play.  None of this “how many gigabytes do I need?” or deciding which bundle to buy depending on whether you wanted to play kid-friendly games or violent games.

Other than the Wii-Sports-like Sports Champions, it doesn’t look like any fitness-oriented Move games will be available at launch, unless you count Brunswick Bowling.  But Move-compatible versions of Dance Dance Revolution, Zumba and Get Fit with Mel B. are supposed to be coming this fall; the question is whether enough moms will be willing and able to buy about $100 worth of additional hardware just to play these $50 games on their kids’ consoles, since I don’t see Move moving too many additional consoles.


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