If you wannabe a PS3 exergamer, get with Mel B.

Playstation 3’s new motion controllers hit the streets last week, to mostly good reviews.  The list of currently-available games is rather slim.  There are a couple of sporty games (Sports Champions, Racquet Sports) and family games (Eye Pet, Start The Party), but a noticeable dearth of fitness games.

There will be a Zumba game, EA Sports Active 2 and DDR coming out later on, but the first fitness game out of the gate for Move is coming from somewhat out of left field:  former “Scary Spice” girl Mel B.

Mel has already made inroads in the video fitness biz with her workout DVD, Totally Fit.  I have this DVD, and it’s pretty much your basic workout, set on a beach.  Now Mel is moving to video games, with Get Fit with Mel B. coming out next week, September 28.  The box blurb says “Only on Playstation” but Amazon also has an entry for a Wii version of the game, so we’ll see what happens with that.

Here is a trailer for Get Fit with Mel B:

It looks a lot like Your Shape, the ill-fated Wii game that came with a camera.  Your Shape, originally $80, soon had its price slashed to around $20, and I believe it’s because its target market would rather see fitness pros on the screen than mirror images of themselves.  (Remember all the furor over fattened Miis on Wii Fit?)  That’s just my theory, but the new Your Shape for Kinect puts up a slim silhouette as your avatar rather than the real you.

I hope Get Fit with Mel B. turns out to be a good game, or at least isn’t left on the shelves like Wii’s Your Shape, because its rise or fall could very well determine whether more fitness games get developed for Move.

(Update: This game is still unavailable at Amazon.  I stopped in at a Game Stop today and they told me they have it down for October 28.)


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