DDR helps high school football team become “story of the year” in Georgia

The Butler HS football team in Augusta, GA has turned the beat around – from 41 straight losses to a 5-0 record – thanks to a benevolent school nurse and DDR!  According to an article/video from WJBF-TV, the nurse shared her DDR game (which she won in a contest) with the hapless team “as a joke”, but no one’s laughing now:

Because of Dance Dance Revolution, the Bulldogs say they have better reaction time, eye-hand coordination and footwork on the field.

“A lot of the pros use dancing as a way to improve their footwork. This is a low-cost way to improve our footwork here,” said Butler assistant coach, Ernest Tolbert.

Butler’s team and fans haven’t seen a squad with this much team chemistry in years.

“It just takes our mind off everything and helps us relax a little bit,” said Butler offensive lineman, Slyvester Hagins. “But, also, it helps us take care of business, too.”

But, really… How much has a video game carried the Bulldogs to their success this season?

“Anything that will have our guys play hard and have a certain amount of togetherness, I want to say 100% because our team is together on a lot of little things, and this is one of them,” said Coach Tolbert.

Now there’s a smart coach who knows that meeting your goals – whether you goal is to make more goals, lose weight or be healthy – depends not just on going through the motions, but togetherness and support.

(In case you’re wondering, it looks like they’re playing DDR Supernova 2, one of the better DDR games for PS2.)


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  1. All I can think of is the “All the Single Ladies” scene from Glee, the only Glee I have seen.

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