Lifetime TV features a video of DDR’s new choreography mode

The upcoming fourth DDR game for Wii, called simply DanceDanceRevolution, was featured on Lifetime’s morning show The Balancing Act.  In the video, the host demonstrates the game’s choreography mode.  It’s similar to the Hands feature of the previous DDR games for Wii, in which you held your Wiimote and nunchuck while dancing, and shook one or the other whenever a special symbol rose up to the top of the screen.  But in the new mode, instead of simply shaking the controllers, you have to make actual motions with them, such as stir-the-pot or even freezing one arm up in the air.  It reminds me of the underrated bargain-bin gem Boogie SuperStar.

Talk about a balancing act!

I would imagine that playing Boogie SuperStar and DDR simultaneously is hard enough, but I’m really impressed that the host can play AND chat with the Konami rep at the same time, while hardly missing a beat!


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