5 fun family exergames that won’t break the bank

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!  While you’re digesting turkey and pumpkin pie, you don’t want to get heartburn thinking about either all the money you’ll be spending on kids’ gifts, or all the tedious exercise it’ll take to burn off the holiday feasts.  Why not kill two birds with one stone:  pick up a bargain-priced exergame that will have the whole family both sweating and smiling.  Here are some of my favorites:

Hyper Dash

Wild Planet Hyper Dash. This exergame doesn’t even require a TV screen, and you can play it indoors or outdoors.  See my review here.  There is a newer version out, Hyper Dash Extreme, which picks up targets with each “hit”.

Track & Field Challenge

Track & Field Challenge. I found this mat game at Five Below for only $5.  Based on the classic arcade game Track & Field, T&FC is plug-and-play, no console needed – just add batteries and plug it into your TV.  It contains 10 different minigames that involve running and jumping on the mat, can be played by 2 players simultaneously (some games allow 4 players taking turns) and even counts calories based on your weight.


U-Dance. Another plug-and-play that can be found for $20 or less, U-Dance is a unique twist on dance mat games.  There’s no mat; instead, you wear a band on each foot, and the shiny badges on the bands are picked up by the infrared tower as you move your feet to match the outlines on the screen.  See my review here.

Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2

Dance Dance Revolution for PS2. If the Wii or Kinect are still too much for your budget, but you still want a good console exergame, you can hardly do better than the original dance revolution.  Pick up a Playstation 2 ($100 new, don’t forget a memory card to save data) and a DDR mat/game bundle such as DDRX or Supernova 2.  High School Musical 3 is also bargain-priced and contains a DDR-compatible mat, so if you buy that plus one of the DDR bundles, you can play doubles for less than the cost of just a Wii.

Walk It Out (screenshot)

Walk It Out. If you already have a Wii and some of the newer games are giving you sticker shock, check out this game that’s so simple and yet so strangely addicting, like a calorie-burning Bejeweled.  WIO appeared with very little fanfare and is still hard to find anywhere but Amazon (where right now it’s a bargain $20), yet it has inspired rave reviews and a very dedicated following that is marching off the pounds to catchy music all around Rhythm Island.  You can play it with a DDR mat, an Active Life mat, a Wii balance board or just the remote+nunchuck.


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